- In Memory of the Lost Augments-

Luke Christopher Amstrong, one of the first augmented humans created, was a commander during the Eugenics War that ravaged Earth during the late twentieth century. Most commonly known for his eidetic memory, Commander Amstrong functioned primarily as an archivist, having made several advancements to memory banks during his work with the United States Government.

That's the excerpt from the history book one Admiral Marcus referenced upon awakening me from my icy exile. All of those accomplishments and the man thought he could keep me as his personal office money; inhumane.

Good thing I'm not human.

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A Name in the Wind - Introductions/Reunions [open for everyone]

Luke was an expert at collecting information using whatever method he deemed most appropriate at the time and this evening had called for experimentation within the real of a Starfleet surplus action. It was an odd concept, such a powerful organization selling off their unnecessary technology to whatever gold pocketed tyrant wanted the newest version of PADD straight from the governmental source. Personally, he couldn’t have cared-less about their motives, he was only interested in the sharply dressed business men that crowded through the event’s doors. Though it was the men who held what he needed, it was their wives and girlfriends that he targeted, draining them of all information they had on their beau’s activities. It was all too easy to be considered work.

Three hours had been more than enough time to cure him of whatever self empowerment spree he’d been on as the socialites of this new era stripped him of his morals. He allowed the wind to soothe his mind as his motorcycle, if this contraption even qualified as one, zoomed through the downtown streets. In an effort to prove his worth as a driver, an ignorant human ran a red light, pulling into the intersection just as Luke’s bike entered it. He was able to lay out the bike, but the contact forced him over the hover car and into the, now vacated intersection. His back sustained the greatest injury, though it would not take long to heal, but as he turned his head and witnessed the mangled metal that was his transportation he closed his eyes and sighed internally. Damnit.

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